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Disadvantaged National Results – Primary 2017

The DfE have confirmed that the gap between disadvantaged pupils and others, measured using the disadvantage gap index, has decreased in each of the last six years, narrowing by 1.3% in the latest year and 10.5% since 2011. This shows that, as well as more disadvantaged pupils reaching the expected standard in 2017, the average position of disadvantaged and other pupils in the attainment distribution has become closer together. Suggesting the overall Pupil Premium strategy is having an impact.

The DfE index has been in steady decline over the last 6 years:

Graph showcasing the decline in disadvantaged national results in primary schools 2017

Disadvantaged National Results

Schools often have problems finding the Disadvantaged national results and so they are provided below:

360 Review Module - Teachers' StandardsDownload
360 Review Module - WellbeingDownload
CPD ModuleDownload
T&L ModuleDownload
PM Module - Appraiser/Coach GuideDownload
PM Module - Appraisee/Coachee GuideDownload
Introducing Professional Development NotesDownload
Adding Professional Development NotesDownload
Addressing Professional Development NotesDownload
Form Name Download Link
Book Bingo Monitoring SheetDownload
Book ReviewDownload
Book Sample FormDownload
Formal Lesson ObservationDownload
Learning Environment ReviewDownload
Learning Walk V1Download
Learning Walk V2Download
Tutorial Learning Walk Download
Teacher Standards Lesson ObvservationDownload
Teaching and Learning Health check Download
Work ScrutinyDownload
Whole School Lesson Review Download
Work Scrutiny Feedback Form Download

The national data was provided by SFR 69/2017 (KS2 national results) and SFR 49/2017 (KS1 national results).

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