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Referrals are our favourite form of marketing!

Referrals are all about trust in someone else’s judgement. A recommendation can save hours of research and potentially save friends and colleagues from making a poor choice at some cost. The best advocates of Lessons Learned are our existing happy customers. They best explain the way they have used the system, the issues they have overcome and the impact of its use.

Know another school that would benefit from lessons Learned?

Although many of our schools don’t need an incentive to tell others about our service, we do offer a referral discount for any school that refers a colleague to us. The discount is 10% off your next invoice or £100, whichever is higher. The more schools you refer the more the discount!

It’s simple – all you need to do is provide contact details for a school that is interested in receiving a demonstration of Lessons Learned and if that school goes on to buy the system then the discount is yours.

Are you part of a MAT or group of schools?

Many schools are now part of a MAT or a group of schools. If you are a current Lessons Learned user and you introduce Lessons Learned to the rest of your MAT/group, you will get:
• Free use of Lessons Learned for a year
• Your MAT will receive a 10% ongoing annual discount on its Lessons Learned fees

So long as there are 3 or more schools in your MAT/group and at least 75%* of the schools take up a Lessons Learned subscription.
If you would like to refer a colleague or neighbouring school or your MAT/group leader please contact us today with your details.

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* In a 3 school group this means all 3 need to take Lessons Learned and in a 4 school group 3 or 4 need to take Lessons Learned.

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