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Lessons Learned is brought to you by For Schools Education Services. At For Schools, we have one goal: to make a difference to children’s lives by improving the quality of their education. We take no political position but seek to ensure that all children get the best education they possibly can within the structures laid down by government.

Our mission at For Schools Education Services is to provide reliable and affordable services, products and software that help to ease the burden placed on schools. Our customer support is highly rated and we’re incredibly proud of the level of service that our team provides to schools every day.

The vast majority of work we do is directly with schools in the UK and abroad, however we are increasingly working with alternative education establishments, such as training partnerships and higher education institutions.

We strongly believe that no two schools are the same and as such, all of our products and services can be tailored to suit your particular setting. To discover how, or request a service that you haven’t spotted on the website, contact us here.

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