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A Complete Online Solution for School Improvement and Staff Development

Empower your school, organisation or group with an innovative system that encourages collaboration and makes reporting simple. Trusted by over 350 schools across the UK and beyond.

5 Modules – 1 Solution

Used together, the 5 modules of Lessons Learned become a powerful tool for monitoring, evaluating and addressing your school development goals.

From capturing your school development planning through to the monitoring and evaluation that informs next steps, Lessons Learned aims to strike the perfect balance between creating a system that is feature-rich but easy to use.

Pick and choose from the modules below to create a system that suits your school’s needs.

Lessons Learn Teaching and Learning screenshot for online school improvement solution

T&L Quality Assurance Module

The Teaching and Learning Quality Assurance Module can be used to store all of the forms your school uses for lesson visits, learning walks, work scrutiny and more.

Data from forms logged on the system feeds into a series of analysis screens from where summary level information can be attained for sharing with governors and trustees. Detailed development issues and actions can be easily tracked by senior leaders and individual teachers can follow their own development over time.

Lessons Learned System Screenshot that displays how the tool is used for school improvement and staff development

Staff Appraisal and Development Module

The Staff Appraisal and Development Module supports well-structured and regular progress reviews for staff against their annual objectives and highlights the support they need to achieve them. Activity reports provide senior leaders with summary details of the staff appraisal process.

The online portal supports a school wide approach to the setting and monitoring of staff performance objectives. Staff can access their own objectives as and when they need to, adding evidence of their progress so far and keeping notes for discussion later. The SLT has an overview of which objectives have been met and can share this information anonymously with governors and external parties.

Lessons Learned System screenshot for the CPD continued professional development module 1

Professional Learning/CPD Module

With the Professional Learning/CPD Module you can keep track of all the courses and training attended by staff in your school and use the feedback given by them to shape your CPD plan going forwards.

Diagram example of the 360/self review tool to help schools and staff evaluate against teacher standards lessons learned

360/Self Review Module

The 360/Self Review Module recognises the importance of self-reflection and helps schools to make the most of this within their school improvement processes. Using radar charts (or ‘spiderweb’ charts), the module can be used to complete self, peer and other types of review against things like the Teachers’ Standards/Professional Standards and Staff Wellbeing.

The advantage of using radar charts lies in the way they lend themselves to analysis – create simple, visual representations of progress over time by overlaying individual self reviews or use the same approach to distinguish a difference of opinion by comparing self reviews to peer reviews.

Lessons Learned system screenshot for the school development module 3

School Development Module

Our School Development Module supports the whole school improvement cycle from gathering and analysing evidence to support the current situation (SEF) to planning and implementing actions for improvement (SDP).

The system allows you to create customised, online templates for your SEF and SDP documents which can be used throughout the school to show how both the school and individual departments are progressing with their priorities.

Why Lessons Learned?

Multi Device Compatible

Lessons Learned can be accessed from any internet-connected device with a web browser. Complete learning walks on your tablet or check your performance management objectives on your mobile.

Unrivalled Support

All of our customers receive unlimited telephone and email support, along with free online training sessions as and when they’re needed. In school training is also available upon request.

Constantly Evolving

We regularly take on board the ideas and suggestions made by our customers and try to integrate them into the system. Any updates we make to modules you own are included in your annual licence fee.

Tell us About Your Experience

Let the world know about your experience with Lessons Learned by leaving a review.

Alternatively you can contact us now. We’d be happy to support you.


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More Than Just An Online Tool

All of our customers get access to Service+, our highly rated customer support service that includes free online training, annual housekeeping, support with customisation and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provides an ideal platform for school improvement with modules for T&L tracking and development, staff appraisal and development, CPD requests and impact tracking, self-review (leadership and teacher standards) and lastly a module that allows customised school self-evaluation and planning.

Lessons Learned delivers many benefits but some of the key ones are:

  • Greater knowledge and analysis of school’s quality assurance processes as evidence for future school improvement activity
  • A structured performance management approach that allows development points to be identified and be acted upon, as well as recognising the achievements of staff
  • Allows the entitlement to and impact of training and development work to be clearly tracked and analysed
  • Encourages staff self-reflection within development based environment
  • From a systems perspective, Lessons Learned has unrivalled support, is compatible with multiple devices and is constantly evolving.

The costs are published on this website, nothing is hidden and schools can be confident our fees are very competitive and that we offer exceptional value for money. We are always happy to discuss our pricing if the characteristics of a school require. Mat pricing by its nature is more complicated but we will provide a clearly set out price for groups if requested. It is worth noting our world class support
comes as part of our fees as does unlimited online training by one of our staff.

We believe our support is what makes Lessons Learned so great to use. Our team will respond rapidly to both emails and calls, often immediately or within minutes. The support is unlimited and includes taking time to help you develop your processes and forms as well as responding to urgent system or data issues. We are happy to provide online one to one training or for larger groups.

Why not check out our Google Reviews?

Very much so! Groups or MATs can have a Lessons Learned system set up for each of their schools and can choose whether to maintain central control over the set-up or grant schools tiered permission so that schools can tailor elements of the system to their particular requirements. In addition, there is a Group View module that allows central staff to look into each school as well as see an aggregated view of the activity on the system.

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