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Service+ is the way we work with you to ensure that Lessons Learned (LL) has a beneficial impact on the outcomes at your school and the way your school develops. It’s quite simple – if Lessons Learned proves to be a success in your school, then Lessons Learned will be a successful enterprise for us. Our goals align!

Some of the ways we deliver Service+:

“Success Partners”

All our support partners are here to help make Lessons Learned a success for you. However we give one of these partners the responsibility to be your school’s “Success Partner”. It’s their job to be your champion – sorting training for your staff, advising on how to get the best out of LL and updating you on recent developments. If LL is not working for you or we are not resolving your issues then your Success Partner is who you turn to.

Free Support

You can reach us by email or phone with all your LL questions large or small. As the saying goes no question is stupid, so please call. We are happy to advise you on how to use the system, make administrative adjustments for you and to arrange for a more technical specialist to solve your more complex problems. All this is unlimited and free to use, unlike most of our competitors.

Free Online Training

We were providing online LL training for senior leaders and staff even before Teams, Zoom and Google Meet became second nature for those in schools. We are happy to tailor the training to your school’s processes and forms and can repeat it, if necessary, to groups of staff. Online training is free and again unlimited – it is important to us that your team feel comfortable in using the system, so they can use it to everyone’s benefit.

In-School Training

We are always happy to visit schools and do LL training. If there is an opportunity at that time to meet with neighbouring schools or the local cluster then we may do these sessions free. If it is focused on your school staff only then we do have to make a charge to recover the time and travel involved, although this is kept to a minimum.

Annual Housekeeping

Each year you will need to update staff names and class details, refresh your forms and archive unneeded information. We are here to remind you and help you do this as you get ready for the new school year.

Sharing Best Practice

We provide all of our schools with regular updates on how the system can better serve their needs, often based on work we have done with other schools that have found a better or different way to use LL.

Software Upgrades

Our view is simply that if an upgrade makes LL better and we want our schools to have the best system, then we have no choice but to upgrade our schools for free if they wish to move to the latest version.

As a relatively small and flexible organisation we also find one of the best ways we can help our schools use LL successfully is to listen to their views about how they think the system can be improved. We take every opportunity to adopt schools’ suggestions where we can – either immediately if this is easy to do or with a timely update to our software. An example of this is the refresh of the Performance Management module which reflects in large part the wishes of schools.


Our referral programme seeks to help develop local networks of LL users and works through individual or cluster introductions. There is a reward for the introducing schools but the big gain is through the benefits of more schools using LL and developing shared experiences within a network. To see more about our referral programme click here.

Hot Topics and Other Solutions

As schools and MAT’s evolve their thinking around school improvement and staff development and as the focus of third parties (Ofsted, DfE, LA’s) adjusts over time, the structure of forms and radar types in LL need to be modified. We often provide templates for use or customise schools’ own to meet these needs. These are made available to our schools at realistic prices.

Service+ is for all our schools. It makes us different, builds long-term partnerships and ensures LL benefits your school – success for your school is success for us too!

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