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Special Schools and Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning

Special Schools dedicate so much time and resource to ensuring their provision truly meets the needs of their pupils and that concept of a tailored educational programme that addresses need is a key concept we believe should also apply to their dedicated staff. Lessons Learned features a fully customisable tool to ensure the Quality Assurance processes in Special Schools meet the unique circumstances each school faces. In this post we outline some of the key areas we believe make Lessons Learned so useful:  

Forms and Structures that suit your setting

Every element of Lessons Learned can be customised, including the language, guidance, forms and structures used for your Quality Assurance processes. Whether your organisation aligns to the broad Areas of Need, the National Curriculum subjects or any other focus, you can ensure the frameworks staff use and the reports you receive are tailored to your language and areas of development.  

Quality Assure more than just Teaching and Learning

Lessons Learned features tools for self-review, peer-review and even review of external agencies with which the school engages. Whether the focus is on a particular type of need or the leadership practices within your setting you can ensure feedback is captured against relevant headings. Reporting on all of the data captured is always up-to-date and can be granularly filtered to show you further information on these specific areas of focus. Graphs and Evidence


Analysis screenshot of the Lessons Learned system for deep dives and quality assurance

Graphs and Evidence


Screenshot of the Radar whisker Box Graphs by Lessons Learned, a school solution for teacher standards' and CPD

Staff Self-Review data broken down by individual strand or need.



Targeted Professional Learning

Professional learning can be expensive and hard to co-ordinate if not managed properly. Higher adult to child ratios mean you often face the challenge of many members of staff with many professional learning requirements and a lot of time spent co-ordinating and assessing the various needs identified. Lessons Learned provides a single point of reporting for all development notes and professional learning requests arising from your Quality Assurance processes. This ensures all staff have a say in what they think would benefit them, but also ensures your planning is informed by feedback and evidence from Quality Assurance, Appraisal and School Development Planning.


Focussed feedback for everyone 

Modules of the system combine to give staff an area for storing professional development notes, professional learning logs and appraisal targets/goals. Templates ensure that staff all have a framework against which to customise and target their own development, whilst also guaranteeing all development feeds into the wider school priorities.  



1 Module2 Modules3 Modules4 Modules5 Modules
1 Year£655/year£875/year£975/year£1075/year£1175/year
3 Year£555/year£775/year£875/year£975/year£1075/year
Prices are exclusive of VAT. First year set up fee applies (between £200 - £250, depending on modules taken).
1 Year£755/year£975/year£1075/year£1175/year£1275/year
3 Year£655/year£875/year£975/year£1075/year£1175/year
Prices are exclusive of VAT. First year set up fee applies (between £300 - £350, depending on modules taken).

See it for yourself!

 The best way to see whether Lessons Learned will suit your setting is to have a free demonstration, which can be delivered to multiple staff in just 30 minutes.

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