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Coaching and Development with Lessons Learned

Coaching for staff development has become a key concept in many schools. When managed correctly coaching can be a powerful tool to improve teaching and learning as well as leadership practices.

Staff develop confidence in the things they do well whilst engaging with their peers in constructive discussion about the areas that need development. This cyclical process can be an incredibly powerful tool if managed correctly.

Lessons Learned can support an organisation of any size in ensuring their coaching programme is transparent, focused and effective. In this post we discuss how Lessons Learned can be utilised to support the Moderator, the Coaches and the Coachees in getting the most from the process.

Clear structures that ensure a common language

Our form builders allow you to shape a form to focus on the areas important to your organisation. Each of the forms can be adapted to include headings and language that guide coaches and coachees in their discussions. Everyone starts with a similar template, but where coaches and coachees take the process remains up to them.

Coach and Coachee pairings can be customised to suit your needs and different Moderators can be assigned to different pairs. Only the people involved see the discussions between coaching pairs.

Staff self-review

Self-review processes focussed on elements such as role-based standards give everyone a focal point from which to kick off their coaching conversations. Coachees can share their self-reviews with their coaches or discuss them in their coaching sessions. Any identified areas for development can be draw out as the focus for coaching discussions, observations or monitoring activities.

Collaborative Professional Learning

Everyone has their strengths and coaching makes the most of those. Lessons Learned ensures you can identify those strengths and ensure staff share them with others. Combining data from Quality Assurance with elements such as CPD and Appraisal Objectives ensures you can celebrate the successes in your organisation.

Screenshot of the Radar whisker Box Graphs by Lessons Learned, a school solution for teacher standards' and CPD

Evident Professional Growth

Dashboards and reports give each Coach, Coachee and Moderator a place to see what the key development areas are as well as what actions were undertaken to address them. Coaching goals can be tracked and evidenced as well as being linked to school or departmental development plans if the school wants to ensure a ‘joined-up’ development process.

Focussed feedback for everyone 

Modules of the system combine to give staff an area for storing professional development notes, professional learning logs and coaching goals. Coachees always have access to their own information and can use it to develop their progress by revisiting development notes and evidencing their completion. Separate meeting logs can be customised to capture different types of discussion and later reported on to ensure Moderators can be sure everyone has had a positive experience within the coaching programme.


1 Module2 Modules3 Modules4 Modules5 Modules
1 Year£655/year£875/year£975/year£1075/year£1175/year
3 Year£555/year£775/year£875/year£975/year£1075/year
Prices are exclusive of VAT. First year set up fee applies (between £200 - £250, depending on modules taken).
1 Year£755/year£975/year£1075/year£1175/year£1275/year
3 Year£655/year£875/year£975/year£1075/year£1175/year
Prices are exclusive of VAT. First year set up fee applies (between £300 - £350, depending on modules taken).

Prices are exclusive of VAT. First year set up fee applies (between £300 – £350, depending on modules taken).

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