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KS2 2019 – Getting Your Results

The 2019 SATs are complete and now the wait begins to see how your pupils have done…

How long do you need to wait? Not long at all as test results for 2019 will be available at 7:30am on Tuesday 9 July on NCA Tools. You will be able access pupils’ raw scores, scaled scores, test outcomes and marked test scripts. Hard copies of test scripts will be sent only if they were unable to be marked on screen. So, if for any reason you have not checked you have access to NCA Tools now is the time to do so.

Scaled score conversion tables will be available here.

Local authorities and multi-academy trusts will also be able access test results and teacher assessments for their schools and academies on 9 July. Schools with a KS3 intake will be able to download results for their incoming year 7 pupils too (if you have their unique pupil numbers (UPNs)).

So, you’ve got your KS2 results, what next? Once your results are in you will need to analyse the data to identify what trends can be send and any areas of strength and weaknesses. You may have an Ofsted inspection coming up and want to identify possible areas they will want to explore with you. All of this can take a lot of time but we are here to help.

For Schools offers a range of data analysis reports including for KS2. Our KS2 summer report is guaranteed to be returned to you within five working days of receiving your correct data. Each data report contains analysis across all KS2 measures as well as analysis across different pupil profiles such as EAL, FSM, and SEN. Our reports can also be ordered with an optional independent expert commentary, ideal for sharing cohort performance with school stakeholders such as senior management teams and Governors.

To see our full range of data reports, click here.


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