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Secondary Floor Target 2016 – Progress 8 & Attainment 8

From 2016 there will be a new floor standard for schools with a key stage 4.  A school will be below the floor standard if its Progress 8 score is below -0.5, and the upper band of the 95% confidence interval is below zero.

Schools whose P8 score falls below the floor standard may come under scrutiny through inspection.  For those schools whose Progress 8 score is +1.0 or above ie students make on average one grade more progress than the national average will be exempt from routine inspections by Ofsted in the calendar year following the publication of the final performance tables.

The new floor standard does not apply to special schools, independent schools, pupil referral units, alternative provision or hospital units.  Schools with less than 6 students at the end of key stage 4 or where less than half of the students have key stage 2 assessments will be excluded from the floor standard assessment.

Further details on the new floor standards can be found at:

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