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What We Believe

There are a number of key principles which underpin Lessons Learned:

  • It is good learning that leads to improved attainment and achievement
  • All learners deserve the highest possible quality of teaching
  • It is high quality teaching that has most impact upon the quality of learning
  • All teachers are entitled to high quality continuing professional development
  • Headteachers are responsible for setting school and individual objectives and holding staff to account
  • High quality leadership of teaching and learning is critical to sustained improvement

Our Approach

In order to bring about sustainable development there are a number of critical factors:

  • There must be a shared understanding of what high quality teaching and learning looks like
  • There must be agreed and clear descriptors
  • Effective development is based on feedback through dialogue
  • The principles of AfL (assessment for learning) apply to the practice of developing staff

Creating the “Golden Triangle”

All schools constantly seek to enhance achievement through improving teaching and learning. They use a number of systems and practices to bring this about, but sometimes find it difficult to ensure that all the information and analysis they undertake is used most effectively to improve individuals’ practice.

With this is mind we set out to produce a comprehensive but simple to use system which incorporates the three critical elements used by schools:

Observing Teaching and Learning
Performance Management
Continued Professional Development

Lessons Learned enables you to collect and collate evidence about the quality of teaching and learning, set targets for performance management, plan comprehensive professional development at individual and whole school level and identify school improvement priorities in a simple and effective manner.