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Designed to be easy to learn and simple to use, the Lessons Learned System comes with free online training for you and as many staff as you like.

We know that an online session doesn’t always provide what you want from your training and with that in mind we also offer a range of Lessons Learned training options for those schools where an in-person session might be more beneficial.

In-School Training Packages

We offer half day training packages that can be tailored to meet your needs. Our standard half day package would usually involve 2/3 sessions where we train teaching staff in one and a mixture of middle leaders and senior team in the other. A third session might then be used to work with school administrators to get them up to speed on tweaking and administering the system for your school.

Fair and Accurate Pricing

Training is priced at half day rates (plus VAT and expenses) which will vary depending on how long you want us for and how many trainers we need to bring along. The easiest way to get an accurate idea is to contact us with a brief summary of what you would like. We’ll then give you a complete run down of what the training will cost and what it will cover.

If you would like to talk to us about a tailored training package or want to arrange any in school training please contact us here

A Session Shared

School to school support needn’t be limited to training one another. We actively encourage schools to support one another by sharing our training sessions. Whether it’s one school or ten, our training can be tailored to suit with the costs shared amongst you.

We also offer the opportunity to host a demonstration workshop for the system within your school. It gives us an opportunity to show others how good Lessons Learned is and we’ll acknowledge your help by reducing the cost of your training day. If they decide to order we’ll treat you as part of a ‘cluster’ which means further discount for you on the system too!

Online Sessions Always Free

Don’t forget we do also offer free online training sessions and they can always be tweaked to cover any questions you might have. They’re fairly informal and can be arranged at a time to suit you.

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