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Students First – Progress 8 & Attainment 8

When considering the curriculum students will follow in schools, school leaders cannot ignore the impact of decisions on the accountability measures that schools are placed under.  However, the number of qualifications that each student is entered for will be a matter of judgement by the school and will likely be determined by what best meets the needs and aspirations of the individual student.

Schools should remember that the Progress 8 score for each student will be calculated by dividing the points total by 10 (the eight qualifications with English and mathematics both double weighted), regardless of how many qualifications the students sits.

It may be beneficial for some students to aim to achieve good grades (and hence score more points) in fewer subjects with a strong focus on both English and mathematics. Even if this means some of the subject slots are left empty and score zero.

What is essential is that schools are aware of the accountability framework but still keep the best interests of the students paramount.

Further details on all matters relating to Progress 8 can be found on the DfE website at:

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