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Professional Development for Teachers

At Lessons Learned, we believe that continuous learning is as important for teachers as it is for the students they teach. That’s why we’ve built an online system that strives to support teachers with their continuing professional development throughout every stage of their career.

Evaluating Practice

In order to improve, it’s important to first identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Lessons Learned supports this process through two modules.

The first, 360 Review, can be used by staff to complete self and peer reviews against the Teachers’ Standards at key points in the year. This provides them with a summative view of their practice.

The second, Teaching and Learning Development, can be used to gain a more formative view and provide ongoing feedback by means of lesson observation, learning walks and so on.

Over time, both modules begin to paint a picture of an individual’s progress and this information can then be consolidated to show how each department is performing, as well as the school as a whole.

Improving Practice

Once development points have been identified, they can be addressed through training and CPD events. The importance of CPD for teaching staff is becoming increasingly recognised in the UK, but it has to be high-quality in order to be worthwhile. As requests for CPD come flooding in, it can be difficult for schools to track what has been approved and what has been effective.

The Lessons Learned Continuing Professional Development module provides a place for schools to track all the CPD, both internal and external, undertaken by their staff. Reports can be generated to show attendance and costs incurred and feedback forms can be used to capture staff opinions – helping you to justify changes to your CPD plan going forward.


With the 360 Review Module


With the T&L Development Module


With the CPD Module

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