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ASP (RAISEonline Replacement) Update – September 2017

The DfE launched an updated version of Analyse School Performance (ASP) in July 2017. ASP is accessed through the DfE “Secure Access” portal. If you are having problems accessing your school please contact the DfE as set out on the Secure Access home page.

The service now includes 2017 Question Level Analysis (QLA) and named pupil data for those with appropriate access levels. QLA data enables primary schools to assess how well their children performed in different aspects of the curriculum. It also supports secondary schools in identifying strengths and weaknesses for their incoming year 7s.

Additional reports are now available which can be found via the ‘List of reports’ tab and they have made usability enhancements based on user feedback such as improved printing, navigation and further help text.

At the end of September, KS2 data will be available in ASP – this is provisional data for 2016/17. CLA data is not currently available, therefore we are not publishing breakdowns of data such as disadvantaged; this will be added at the end of October along with KS1 and Phonics data for 2017. Provisional KS4 data will be available towards the end of November.

If you have any questions about ASP please call or email us.

We have introduced some new reports for school groups including clusters and MAT’s – for more information click here.



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