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2015 Key Stage 2 SATS Results & Thresholds

Key Stage 2 SATS Test Results

The KS2 test results for 2015 have been released and schools can find their results on the NCA tools website:

Key Stage 2 Thresholds with Sub Levels

The test thresholds have been published for Reading, Maths and the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tests, including the Level 6 pass mark range.

In line with LA practice we break the thresholds down to sub-levels by spliting the thresholds into thirds. If the threshold doesn’t divide exactly into three we assign the extra points to the lower sub levels. This year we are using the following ranges:

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The thresholds for Reading have changed slightly in 2015 with L3 beginning at 11 marks rather than 12 marks as in 2014. Level 4 begins at 18 marks rather than 19 as was the case last year. Finally Level 5 Reading now begins at 33 points which is 1 marks higher than last year.

The SPAG thresholds have actually fallen – L3 by 2 marks to 23 marks, L4 by 2 marks to 43 and finally L5 by 1 mark to 54.

In Maths there is less change with L2 rising by 1 point to a range from 16 to 18 marks so that L3 starts at 19 points this year rather than 18 as it was in 2014.

A number of schools’ results will be affected by these shifts.

Following are the thresholds for the 2015 key stage 2 Reading, Grammar, punctuation and spelling and Mathematics level 6 tests.


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Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:

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The L6 pass mark is unchanged in Reading but in SPAG it has fallen by 1 mark to 31 in 2015 whilst in maths the pass mark has risen by 2 marks to 34.

If you have any questions on the above please email or call 0800 788 0444.

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