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RAISEonline Update July 2016

RAISEonline 2016

Substantial revisions are being made to the RAISEonline over the next few months to take account of the assessment and accountability changes at KS1, 2 and 4. An outline of these changes has been published in the latest newsletter on the RAISEonline site.


The EYFS and Phonics tables will, for the most part, be unchanged but both KS1 and KS2 schedules and tables will adjust to reflect:

  • new threshold measures around expected and higher/greater depth standards;
  • average scaled scores;
  • new VA progress measures;
  • at KS1&2 science reporting is being introduced.


The Progress 8 and Attainment 8 schedules which were available online for all schools last year will be bought forward as the lead schedules in the new summary report. Much of the EBACC and individual subject reporting will remain in place but adjusted for new formats. This includes the EBACC VA measures, EBACC subject thresholds and thresholds for maths and English combined and the EBACC overall.

At each key stage the group analysis will be similar to previous years, although there are new grouping for prior attainment by subject and for overarching ethnic groups. If anything the emphasis on the Disadvantaged will increase, the comparator to be used for this group will continue to be “other” pupils nationally.

No timetable for publication of RAISEonline has yet been released and we are therefore working on the expectation that release dates will be similar to last year – Primary late October/early November and secondary in December.

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