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Primary Floor Standard 2016

In 2016 a primary or junior school will be above the Floor Standard if:

  • at least 65% of pupils meet the expected standard or better in reading, writing and maths


  • the school achieves sufficient progress scores in reading and writing and maths.

Expected standard means children who have a scaled score of 100 or more from the tests in reading and maths and those children who have been assessed by their teacher to be “working at the expected standard” or “working at greater depth in the expected standard” in writing.

Sufficient progress – the DfE will announce in summer 2016 what aggregated progress score a school needs in each subject to meet the “sufficient” measure.  These scores can only be announced after the tests have been taken and the nation wide data is gathered and processed to create a Value Added model. It should be noted the sufficient progress measure can only be used at school level and does not apply for individual pupil scores.

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