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Multi Academy Trust – MAT – Performance and Accountability

As the number of MATs (multi academy trusts) increases along with the length of time they have been in existence, attention is turning to how their performance is measured and how Trusts are to be held accountable.

The DfE released experimental statistics in January this year in SFR 02/2017  , this set out MAT performance measures based on 2016 data at Key Stage 2 and 4. Included in the data were all MATs with at least 3 schools with results in 2016 that had been with the MAT for at least 3 full school years. The figures were based on the new progress measures introduced in 2016, VA by subject at KS2 and Progress 8 at KS4.

It is worth noting that figures were calculated at pupil level and weighted for the length of time the school had been in the MAT. The weighting applied was 3 for 3 full school years in the MAT and 4 for schools that had been in their MAT for 4 or more full school years. The methodology used can be found here.

As the progress measures were new for 2016 there were no earlier data points from which to measure improvement in progress over time for the MATs. The DfE however plan to introduce an improvement over time measure once the 2017 data is available.

An earlier document “School performance in multi-academy trusts and local authorities – 2015” was published by the Education Policy institute and provides some background for the measurement of MAT and LA performance.

For Schools does work with a number of MAT’s on performance data reporting and balanced scorecards, now is a good time to establish a baseline for measuring the performance of your MAT. Click here for more information on the services we offer to MATs and clusters.

Or if you would like to discuss performance analysis or a report for your MAT please contact Andy Best on 0800 788 0444 or by email at

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