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KS1 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test Removed for 2016 Only

Jennifer Coupland, Chief Executive, has stated that the STA were made aware on 20 April that the actual KS1 spelling test had been published on-line in January as part of the guidance provided for the test. The document has now been removed. The STA believe this was as a result of human error by a member of staff and a failure to follow appropriate clearance processes.

Schools Minister Nick Gibb said he had ordered the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) to undertake an investigation into how this breach occurred.

The DfE have decided that it will remove the requirement for schools to administer the KS1 grammar, punctuation and spelling test for this year only.

Schools will still need to submit a teacher assessment judgement on writing based on pupils’ work in the classroom. However there will be no requirement this year for them use the result of the GPS test as part of that assessment.

STA statement

DFE statement

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