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Analyse School Performance (ASP) Replaces RAISEonline

On 21 April the DfE new school data system was launched, Analyse School Performance (ASP) it is to replace RAISEonline.

The RAISEonline site will close on 31 July 2017, so before that happens we recommend:

  • You download a copy of your last 3 years Summary Reports and Inspection Dashboards in PDF format and store them securely
  • You download and store securely in excel format the pupil list reports from RAISEonline for both attainment and progress in each key stage in your school for 2016.

Accessing the New System

You can access the new system through the DfE “Secure Access” portal that you use for submitting the termly census and accessing other systems such as School to School (S2S) and Key to Success (KtS). You will need a username and password issued by your school’s Secure Access Approver. In addition they will need to grant you access to ASP through the application section on your home page. The Secure Access Approver is usually your business or data manager. If you need help contact the DfE Secure Access Helpdesk.

Testing & Data Checking

We are now in a 8 week testing and familiarisation period where users are being asked to:

  • ensure they can log in
  • familiarise themselves with the main functions and how to use the service
  • provide any feedback as regards data accuracy, usability and ideas for future development (via feedback surveys which are built into the new service).

The new service uses the same data as that in the existing RAISEonline if you do spot a difference let the DfE know.

Following this 8 week period, the DfE intend to release an updated version of ASP, which will contain more functions and data similar to those in RAISEonline; and build upon the common elements of feedback collated during the 8-week testing and familiarisation period.

It is hoped that this new system will release school performance data earlier than in previous years which should aid school self review and school development planning.

Support and Training

The new system is very similar to the “Compare School and College Performance” site and the DfE have released a video on youtube as an introduction to the new system – click here.

For schools also offers support and training in the new system.

Please contact or call 0800 788 0444 for more details.

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