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Ofsted Changes – Subtle or Not?

Key Points Relating to Ofsted School Inspections for 2016/2017 There are a number of changes to the Handbook which came into being from September 2016. Ofsted, on their website state that the changes are minimal: "The minor revisions made in…

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New Ofsted Framework 2015-16

Ofsted Change Again - A Summary of the Latest Inspection Changes From September 2015 we shall be into another new (revised) Framework. Although not a completely new Framework there are differences in both style and content that have important implications…

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To Grade or Not to Grade?

What to do About Grading Lessons Judging individual lessons - to grade or not to grade? There has been a degree of publicity about whether Ofsted will be grading individual lessons and/or teachers, and what implications this has for schools…

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