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Lessons Learned Subject Development Review

Lessons Learned Subject Development Review uses the evidence gathered and aggregates and analyses it through the Subject and Teacher Dashboards, which include both subject and teacher strengths and development areas.

The subject level analysis will allow anomalies to be identified and retested and the balance of curriculum and teaching strengths to be viewed across the subject team. It builds a bank of evidence for how a subject leader can achieve quick wins and where subject CPD budget should be focused for long term development. Well used by subject (and senior) leaders, the Subject Dashboard provides a firm platform for subject development planning.

The analysis at individual teacher level provides an important piece for teachers planning their CPD and for informing performance review and development. The Teacher Dashboards provide information across the 31 key focus areas for best practice in a structured and easy to understand way.

Subject Dashboard

The information collected in a Subject Development Review can be analysed on the Subject Dashboard, which shows a break down of the activities undertaken and the assessments made (exemplary practice, secure practice and practice that requires further development).

Activities can be broken down to show practice by evaluation area (QoE – Intent, QoE – Implementation, QoE – Impact, Behaviour & Attitudes, Personal Development and Leadership & Management) which is a powerful way to see at a glance where the subject teams strengths and develop areas lie. Staff summaries also provide this detail by teacher so that the subject leader can consider opportunities for cross subject support, paired working or coaching.

The final section of the Subject Dashboard displays details of specific strengths and development points identified by the activities. Importantly these are grouped first by evaluation area (e.g. QoE – Implementation) and then by 31 key areas of focus (e.g. Questioning) to help leaders to bring an order to their CPD planning.

Teacher Dashboard

All the information relating to an individual teacher is played back in the Teacher Dashboard. Like with the Subject Dashboard, activities are analysed across the evaluation areas (e.g. QoE – Implementation) against the assessment of practice descriptors (exemplary, secure and requires further development).

The strengths and development points recorded at the end of the dashboard relate solely to the individual teacher and will support discussions the teacher has about their all round practice and where they need to focus their future development and CPD entitlement.

Date filters at the top of the Teacher Dashboard (also present on the Subject Dashboard), provide the ability to look at practice over time by including the results of previous review activities. In this way, teachers can consider the impact of their increasing experience as well as CPD on their practice. The strengths and development points remain over time as a record of the progress that has taken place.

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