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Lessons Learned Subject Development Playback

Lessons Learned Subject Development Playback uses a specially built radar chart for feeding back to subject and senior leaders, governors, school improvement advisers and others at subject level. Alongside the radar chart is a summary area for the overall judgement, subject background, the activities undertaken and actions planned.

Each spoke of the radar chart has a slider for capturing your judgement, a text box for including your identified strengths and areas for development. There is also a section for uploading evidence in the form of PDFs downloaded from Lessons Learned, images, short video clips and anything else you might have captured.

The radar chart includes summary spokes for Intent/Curriculum Design, Implementation/Curriculum Delivery, Impact/Pupil Outcomes, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development, and Leadership and Management. Within each of these summary spokes are supporting spokes representing key areas for focus.


Once you have gathered all your evidence related to a subject area, be that from lesson visits or discussions with those involved, you can prepare a Subject Development report.

The report can be completed at summary or supporting spoke level to build a picture of what the subject is delivering for pupils and where it needs to improve. This structured approach supports the reviewer to systematically document their findings, share valuable learning points and identify actions for departmental planning.

You can use our handy print feature to export a summary or a detailed report to Word for printing and sharing. The report includes a picture of the completed radar chart along with the comments and grades you’ve given for each spoke. Subject Development Payback is easy to use and communicates the points you wish to make clearly and succinctly.


Whole school priorities can be identified by comparing multiple Subject Development reports. Our 360 review radar approach allows you to compare reviews of different subjects by layering them up or you can analyse the data by creating an average based on all of the subject reviews you have available.

In addition, and perhaps most powerfully, the supporting spokes of different subjects can be compared to identify key areas of focus that are an issue (or strength) from subject to subject.

This type of comparison can also provide the information you need to inform intra-school training (Inset). For example, if questioning is a strength for one staff team they could be paired with a subject that needs to further develop these skills. Subject Development Playback is the perfect tool to identify CPD opportunties.

Diagram example of the 360/self review tool to help schools and staff evaluate against teacher standards lessons learned
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