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Staff well-being in schools has always been important but it has become a topical issue in recent years. Workloads and cost pressures on staffing have added to the unwelcome set of issues for teachers and other school staff to deal with. Good school leaders have always recognised that a happy and healthy staff leads to happy students and better outcomes. Understanding staff wellbeing (including workload) and continually seeking new ways to improve it is important for any school which wishes to be a “Learning Organisation”. Our tool is a simple way to survey and influence your staff’s wellbeing.

Important for Staff

Support staff to self-evaluate across 32 influencing factors that impact their wellbeing. This diagnostic tool encourages individuals to consider key aspects of their daily lives and thereby to take responsibility for their mental and physical health. Increasing their self-awareness will enable them to monitor and manage their wellbeing overtime and to take actions to improve it.

Our diagnostic tool is set out in 8 domains (incl. Sense of Purpose, Emotional and Mental Health, Relationships, School Culture and Work Environment, etc.) that impact wellbeing with 32 influencing factors for staff to consider and assess against with ample room to make notes and reminders.


Focus Area

Sense of Purpose Purpose
Emotional and Mental Health Resilience
Emotional Awareness
Relationships Trust and Respect
Positive Relationships
Role, Responsibility & Reward Role Clarity
Professional Learning Self-Evaluation
School Culture and Work Environment Leadership
Physical Environment
Workload & Life Balance Workload
Physical Health
Work Life Balance
Communication & Consultation Information
My Voice

The self-evaluations are displayed graphically on an easy to understand radar chart which can show changes over time and that can be easily printed. The radar charts can be keep private or shared as the individual staff member wishes.

The tool prioritises wellbeing, it helps individuals to understand issues affecting their mental and physical health, and in doing so helps identify how things can be improved or where support is needed.

Important for School Leaders

The tool also allows staff radars to be submitted anonymously (if individuals agree) so that school leaders can review and act on the 32 influencing factors (e.g. Teamwork, Workload, Entitlement, Communication). Easy to use analysis allows leaders to review by key groups such as teachers, teaching assistants and support staff over time.

Using the tool will help school leaders to understand the levers they have to maintain and improve staff well-being which in turn should improve the experience of students and their outcomes.

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Quick and easy to use online diagnostic tool to evaluate wellbeing
Well structured into 32 influencing factors to be tracked over time
Encourages individual ownership of their own wellbeing
Provides information to school leaders to shape their actions to improve staff wellbeing and manage workloads


Costs start at £555/year for primary schools and £655/year for secondary schools (our ‘1 module’ pricing, see our pricing page for full details).

To place an order, get in touch with our team on 0800 788 0555 or by emailing

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