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Professional Standards tracking for any role

Tracking professional standards for any role can be a powerful process in ensuring progress within a role. Many schools place real weight on role-based standards to identify areas of development and a tool which encourages focused self-review against those standards is important to their effective use in the development cycle.

Self and Peer-Review to inform the process

Lessons Learned allows a 360 review process to take place, where staff and their peers can undertake self and peer reviews of practice to identify consensus on the areas most in need of development. Multiple standards frameworks can be used to ensure everyone is proactively assessing their performance, creating a collaborative environment that encourages growth and accountability.

Radar Chart showing a self-review against the teacher standards
Teacher Standards Radar Chart


Tracking Across Multiple Job Roles

Embrace a solution that focuses on more than the Teacher Standards alone. Lessons Learned seamlessly accommodates standards tracking for different job roles, ensuring that every team member is empowered to excel in their unique responsibilities.

Dynamic Reporting Screens

Information instantly appears in reports showing the current state of your organisation. Comparisons can be made between each round of reviews to ensure that progress continues to be made.

Screenshot of the Radar whisker Box Graphs by Lessons Learned, a school solution for teacher standards' and CPD
Box plot report of strengths and weakness for each teaching standard.

Gain unprecedented insights into your organisation’s standards tracking progress through our dynamic reporting screens. Our intuitive dashboards provide a comprehensive view of individual, role or whole -school strengths, areas for improvement, and performance.

Progress Tracking and Goal Setting

Monitor progress, celebrate milestones, and set future objectives effortlessly. Our system enables you to track individual and team achievements over time, ensuring all review data feeds into appraisal an development planning, creating a roadmap for continuous improvement.

User-Friendly Interface

Experience the power of technology without complexity. Lessons Learned boasts a simple and intuitive interface, ensuring that all team members can easily navigate and utilise its powerful features even if they use the system infrequently.

Responsive Support

Your success is our priority. Lessons Learned comes with dedicated support to assist you at every step – from initial implementation to ongoing usage. We are here to ensure your organisation maximises the benefits of our system.

Why Choose Lessons Learned?

A Comprehensive Solution: Address the unique needs of your organization with a comprehensive solution that goes beyond basic standards tracking.

Enhanced Collaboration: Encourage collaboration and teamwork with features like self-review and peer-review, fostering a culture of shared responsibility and growth.

Adaptability: Our system is designed to evolve with your organization. From scalability to customisable forms and frameworks, Lessons Learned adapts to your changing requirements.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Leverage data to make informed decisions. Our dynamic reporting screens provide real-time insights, enabling you to identify strengths and areas for improvement effortlessly.

Contact us today for a personalized demonstration and discover how we can help you achieve excellence in professional standards tracking.


1 Module2 Modules3 Modules4 Modules5 Modules
1 Year£655/year£875/year£975/year£1075/year£1175/year
3 Year£555/year£775/year£875/year£975/year£1075/year
Prices are exclusive of VAT. First year set up fee applies (between £200 - £250, depending on modules taken).
1 Year£755/year£975/year£1075/year£1175/year£1275/year
3 Year£655/year£875/year£975/year£1075/year£1175/year
Prices are exclusive of VAT. First year set up fee applies (between £300 - £350, depending on modules taken).



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