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Lessons Learned Subject Development Toolkit

A well-implemented, broad and balanced curriculum sits at the heart of every successful school and Ofsted’s recent move from a framework that focuses on ‘Teaching and Learning’ to one with the broader heading of ‘Quality of Education’, with specific sections for curriculum intent, implementation and impact, only serves to highlight its importance.

This move from Ofsted advocates a less generic approach to teaching and learning and one that is more reliant on good subject leadership. In practice, this means a shift away from monitoring individuals towards whole subject development reviews which help school leaders to ensure that the curriculum flows from design (intent) through to delivery (implementation) then outcomes (impact).

What is the Lessons Learned Subject Development Toolkit?

The Lessons Learned Subject Development Toolkit is a supported approach that school leaders can use to evidence, track and improve the intent, implementation and impact of the school curriculum. It is similar to an Ofsted deep dive, but with the emphasis very much on supporting individuals and whole subjects.

How it works in practice:

Gather Evidence

Use our deep dive style forms to gather evidence for your subject review. Our forms are structured to help narrow your focus and guide you towards an accurate assessment, but they can be tailored to your setting and/or subject areas.

Review + Identify

Pull out the findings from each evidence-gathering activity to determine the areas of strength and areas requiring development. As these have been determined from a wide source of evidence, they will help paint an overall picture of curriculum intent, implementation and impact on your subject, and should also allow you to make judgements on leadership, behaviour and personal development.

Playback + Action

Summarise your findings using our 360 review tool, which allows you to create a printable report that contains a visual summary of subject-level judgements (in the form of a radar chart) and an actionable list for staff to work towards.

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“Thank you again for your wonderful product. It really is a completely marvellous tool. I know we are only scratching the surface of what it can do, but your willingness to customise to what suits our school is what makes it such a strong piece of software for us. Your attention to customer service and willingness to listen and learn from the schools that you serve is second to none. Absolutely superb.”

Andy Scott-Evans – Becket Keys Church of England School 

The Tools

Lessons Learned Subject Development Evidence

Gather your evidence in the form of subject leader questionnaires, lesson visits, book scrutinies, pupil/staff interviews and so on. These template forms are the result of research into best and current practices and they take remote/blended learning into consideration. They contain targeted questions, prompts for what to look for and evaluation options across 31 focus areas (sequencing, subject knowledge, questioning, etc).

Lessons Learned Subject Development Review

Once the evidence is gathered, use our printable dashboards to analyse the outcomes by unpicking the data to draw out your strengths and areas for development and understand any anomalies. Reviews will start at the subject level but can build to the school level or allow individuals to consider their own performance and development needs.

Lessons Learned Subject Development Playback

Once you’ve aggregated and corroborated your strengths and areas for development, these can be captured using our 360 review approach to create a succinct, printable report that can be shared with governors and other key stakeholders for scrutiny purposes or with senior and subject leaders to drive improvements. This provides a subject level overview and also allows you to easily compare across subjects to identify whole school priorities.

Multi Academy Trusts

The Lessons Learned Subject Development Toolkit is available for a discounted price to MATs or schools that purchase together as a group. As well as providing school-level analysis, the toolkit can be used by trust leaders to compare data across schools, thereby identifying trust-wide issues and helping to create a CPD plan that puts the group’s strengths to best use via intra-school training.


1 Year£875/year
3 Year£775/year
1 Year£975/year
3 Year£875/year
Prices are exclusive of VAT. First year set up fee applies (£200 for primary schools, £300 for secondary schools).

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