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The framework costs £125 (+VAT) and this is for a digital copy. It is free when ordered as part of any module from the Lessons Learned online system.

To order, please contact our support team on 0800 788 0555 or

Get a FREE copy of the Lessons Learned Teaching and Learning Framework when you book a free online demo of the Lessons Learned Online System. Click here to book a demo.

The Lessons Learned Teaching and Learning Framework is designed to help schools take a secure and structured approach to the evaluation and development of teaching and learning on a regular, ongoing basis as part of the school’s planned monitoring cycle.

It is fully compliant with the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF) in place from September 2019.

The Lessons Learned Framework covers all the evidence gathering activities which may be undertaken. Each activity has a tailored set of prompts to help teachers and leaders reach a considered view on the area under consideration. It supports:

a) Peer or leader evaluation by:

  • encouraging dialogue by using a common set of prompts to inform discussion;
  • ensuring any evaluative measures are agreed against these common prompts;
  • supporting both in having a clear idea about strengths and areas for professional learning.

b) The setting in:

  • having consistent recording and analysis by ensuring the whole school learning community have clear, agreed criteria against which dialogue takes place and any evaluative judgements are made;
  • having a clear idea about overall strengths and areas for professional learning;
  • securing entitlement and ensuring it meets the professional learning needs of individuals by providing clear professional learning pathways based on secure information and evidence.

c) Self- evaluation for the reflective individual practitioner by:

  • helping inform the view of their own practice;
  • ensuring they are given every opportunity to act as continuous learners and constantly further their professional knowledge and skills.

The monitoring activities covered by this framework are:

  • Lesson Visits/Observation and Learning Walks
  • Work Scrutiny (sampling learners’ work)
  • Planning Scrutiny
  • Pupil Peer Observation
  • Pupil Conference/Pupil Voice (gaining the views of learners)

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