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An online system and set of frameworks for monitoring all of your teaching and learning evidence, including lesson observations, learning walks, TA observations, planning scrutinies and more.

The Teaching and Learning Development Module can be used to record and analyse lesson observations, learning walks, book scrutinies and much more.

Create your own forms for these activities using our comprehensive frameworks based on Ofsted criteria, your own school frameworks, or use a mix of both.

Forms can be customised extensively, with options to turn grading on or off, create new grade or judgement sets for forms and add areas for recording development points and strengths where applicable. How complex or simple the forms are is up to you.

Easy to use ‘Dashboards’ provide a quick overview of the level of teaching and learning at individual, department and whole school level. Summaries of development points and strengths allow you to see if there is a particular area of strength or weakness within your school.

Teachers can have their own logins that allow them to view forms completed on them and middle leaders can be given access to forms and analysis for their subject or year group. Development point logs can be accessed at all levels, allowing individuals to see the feedback they’ve been given and record actions to show how they’ve responded.

Key Benefits

  • Accessible securely at any time and from anywhere.
  • Allows you to give staff access to the data relevant to them and put teachers in control of their own development.
  • Ensures that feedback is fair with common frameworks for everyone to follow.
  • Works on all internet connected devices including tablets.
  • Free system updates and additions throughout your subscription.
  • Opportunity to get involved with development – we love hearing your ideas!
  • Outstanding customer support with free online training sessions when you need them.

What Can I Record?

Lesson observations, self reviews and peer reviews can be recorded quickly and easily, with areas for comments, strengths and development points for action. Grades can be given as and when you choose and descriptor-based feedback can be selected from to reaffirm what was seen in the lesson.

Learning walks of a whole school or department are simple to input and any evidence recorded can be backed up with photographs, videos and documentation where appropriate. Seen a display you like? Simply take a photo and attach it to the learning walk form for future reference. If you wish you can use our descriptor-based Learning Walk Framework on your form to identify areas that are good and areas that need improvement.

Regardless of what you call them – marking reviews, book reviews, book looks or book checks – you can record them in Lessons Learned. Attach photos or scans of the marking you’re reviewing and add suggestions for staff to follow in order to improve. Our descriptor-based Book Scrutiny Framework can be used to help identify areas that are strong and areas that are weak.

Create a planning scrutiny form with an area for storing attachments and you can upload a copy of the planning documents you’re reviewing, make suggestions on them and then share those suggestions with the staff member in question. You can also use our descriptor-based Planning Scrutiny Framework on your form so that staff know the level their planning is currently at and what needs to be done to improve.

Teaching assistants and support staff are as integral a part of teaching as the teacher. Their role in the lesson differs, however, meaning a change of expectation and applicable criteria applies to the work they do. Use our Teaching Assistant Observation Framework to identify what your TAs are doing well and where there’s still room for improvement.

Our Early Years Observation Framework can be used in the system to record detailed feedback for all of your early years staff. You can give grades or judgements if appropriate, record development points and point out areas of strength.

Lessons Learned can work with any subject specific or religious framework you want to use. If you use a specific framework and you’re curious as to how it would look or work in the system, please get in touch and a member of our team will be able to show you.


Dashboard screens provide a detailed, real-time analysis of teaching and learning in your school and can be viewed at individual, department and whole school levels.

Use our comprehensive, Ofsted-based frameworks to help describe what good and outstanding teaching look like. All our our frameworks can be tailored to meet your schools requirements or alternatively, you can use your own custom framework.

Determine who has access to what by assigning roles to individual staff. Staff can be given access to just their own forms, forms for their subject or year group or forms for the entire school. Individual forms also have a separate sharing feature so you can give somebody permission to view a specific form if, for example, you’re doing a joint observation.

What Our Customers Say

“Lessons Learned proved very helpful. I had at my finger tips an overview of all the observations that had taken place in the school, I was able to provide data on different key stages and subjects as part of the school’s evidence base. The inspectors commented that we had an accurate picture of ourselves as a school and Lessons Learned undoubtedly contributed to that picture.”

“I was able to show where our strengths and weaknesses were as well as the percentage of teachers working at ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’. For the sake of a few hundred pounds I was able to prevent the school being graded ‘Requires Improvement’ based on what an inspector had seen in two days.”

What Our Customers Say

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