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Designed in consultation with schools to work as either a companion to our online Staff Appraisal and Development system or on its own, the Practical Handbook for Staff Appraisal and Development provides advice and guidance for everyone involved in appraisal in schools.

It includes guidance on the statutory requirements of appraisal processes and complements this with advice on what makes processes effective in professionally developing all staff and ensuring that appraisal has a real effect upon sustainable school improvement.

It outlines effective processes for:

  • headteachers;
  • teachers;
  • teaching support and non-teaching support staff.

It will be valuable for:

  • members of governing bodies;
  • school leaders responsible for appraisal and development across their setting;
  • leaders, office managers etc. who appraise others;
  • teachers, teaching support and non-teaching (support) staff who are subject to appraisal.

It can be used as:

  • a reference for guidance and support;
  • a training manual;
  • a place to find templates for documents and proformas for use in school.
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For £95+VAT £30+VAT, the 98-page handbook gives you guidance on:

  • creating an effective appraisal cycle (for all staff) within a supportive environment;
  • objective setting, including developmental support;
  • evidence collection to inform progress;
  • interim reviews to establish progress and refine objectives if necessary;
  • final reviews to assess performance.

As well as guidance and advice on roles and responsibilities, processes, culture building and statutory requirements, there is a toolkit which contains appendices and proformas all of which are adjustable for use in your specific context.

These include:

  • model policies and various standards;
  • example objectives;
  • checklists and self-review and evaluation proformas.

This product comes printed and electronically. Electronic versions of the document can be shared with colleagues throughout school.

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