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Designed to work as either a companion to our online Teaching and Learning Development system or on its own, the Practical Handbook for Improving Teaching and Learning provides the perfect guide for bringing about good and outstanding teaching and learning across your school.

A Complete Set of Ofsted Observation Criteria and Observation Forms

Our descriptors are based on Ofsted’s criteria and are updated as and when Ofsted updates theirs. Ensure that you have a high quality programme of observation in place and that all judgements your staff make are reliable when Ofsted come to visit.

Guarantee a Consistent and Accurate Approach to Classroom Observation

Your school will have a clear picture of what an effective lesson looks like, with the handbook describing all of the elements and attributes that make a lesson outstanding.  Guidance on how to give good feedback and how to make the best use of secondary sources on top of your observations mean you will be sure that there is consistency of understanding about what makes effective teaching across the entire school.

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For £125+VAT, the 91-page handbook gives you:

  • Detailed guidance on classroom observation and giving effective feedback
  • A complete set of detailed grade descriptors (lesson observation criteria) which show you exactly what outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate look like from both a teaching and a learning point of view
  • A complete set of evidence gathering forms, observation forms and self-review templates
  • Advice and guidance on completing and evaluating everything from learning walks and work sampling to discussions and surveys
  • Includes learning walk, book scrutiny, planning scrutiny and pupil peer observation frameworks and forms

This product comes printed and electronically. Electronic versions of the document can be edited in Word and shared with colleagues throughout school.

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