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An online system for recording CPD events attended and requested by your staff, with reporting capabilities and feedback features that ensure your CPD processes develop along with your staff.

The Continuing Professional Development Module can be used to keep track of all CPD events attended and requested in your school.

You can record every detail, such as who the training was provided by, when it took place, how much it cost, the plan for dissemination, what the expected outcomes were and more.

Staff can be set up with specific roles that determine who has access to CPD, who can create new CPD events and who can approve CPD requests. You can also assign CPD coordinators, who have access to the entire module and can manage CPD for your school.

Once staff have attended an event, they can give their feedback, including evaluation and outcomes, and provide a rating based on an effectiveness scale set up by your school.

Whether or not staff can request CPD, log CPD attendance or do both is up to you. Appraisers and line managers are able to log CPD requests and attendance for staff that they manage.

Reports on your CPD can be pulled off at individual, staff or whole school level and allow you to identify things such as impact of CPD held so far, CPD coming up for renewal, outstanding CPD requests and so forth.


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Key Benefits

  • Integrates with the Teaching and Learning Development Module and Staff Appraisal and Development Module.
  • Helps to inform your CPD planning – make sure you’re only paying for CPD that is worthwhile.
  • Gets staff more involved in their own CPD.
  • Outstanding customer support with free online training sessions when you need them.


The My School CPD Dashboard gives SLT and CPD coordinators an overview of CPD events that have been attended, booked or requested. All staff have access to a similar screen that gives them an overview of CPD relevant to them and allows them to either log attendance at a CPD event or request to attend (depending on the school’s settings).

The CPD module can be used to capture every detail about your CPD events, such as who provided the training, the running time, the cost of the course and so on.

CPD events can be linked back to school development priorities, as well as any personal objectives and development points, for you to report on later. Free text boxes allow you to capture the plan for dissemination and expected outcomes for each individual, and you can also make note of whether any cover is required for the duration of the event.

Once staff have completed their CPD they can provide feedback and note whether their expected outcomes were achieved. Schools can also set up an effectiveness scale for staff to rate their CPD, with the results feeding into a report that SLT can use to judge whether CPD has been successful.

A series of reports allow you to monitor CPD at individual, department and whole school level. Easily view the turnout at your CPD events, the feedback they’ve received, which CPD requests are currently outstanding and which CPD events are coming up for renewal.

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