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As Ofsted continue to put even greater focus on how leaders develop the quality of teaching and learning, schools are increasingly becoming more sophisticated in their observation processes. This addition to our Practical Handbook for Improving Teaching and Learning will help schools to be sure about the validity of their judgements and to provide secure evidence in these areas.

Teaching Assistants are an invaluable resource within schools and are judged by Ofsted against the impact they have upon learning. They need many of the same skills and competences as teachers but their role in developing learning is also specific.

Our Teaching Assistant Observation Framework recognises the role of the teaching assistant within a teaching session and contains appropriate descriptors to help make judgements about effectiveness and identify development points.

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For £75+VAT, you will receive a printed copy of the framework as well as an electronic Word version which you are free to edit and share with your staff.

If you are using the Lessons Learned Teaching and Learning Development Module you can receive an electronic copy for free. Please get in touch if you would like it set up on your system.